Aloe there! Hoya doin?

Welcome to PlantedinPots, where we have the dirt on Plants. In Pots.


It all started with me, Kierslyn, trying to keep a few plants alive, while making sure my dogs didn’t eat them.

Along the way, there were more than a few casualties, caused mainly by me, and maybe a couple by the dogs, but mostly a LOT of additions and growth to the houseplant gang.

My love for plants started a few years ago, after acquiring a couple basic plants from big box stores. Prior to that, the only plants I had been able to keep alive were some Desert roses I bought around 10 years ago at the local Saturday Morning Market here in St. Pete, during college, that are still alive today. But once I had a Philodendron, Snake Plant and Chinese evergreen thriving, and realized I could not only separate the plants into more plants, but propagate them to share with friends, I was hooked.

In addition to the casualties, there have been many plant experiments, success stories and a significant amount of growth. I’ve met so many wonderful planty-people who share my passion for plants. One in particular encouraged me to start @PlantedinPots , an instagram to share my indoor jungle, and from there, it just ‘bloomed’ (pun intended.) Shortly after beginning the instagram feed, we launched, a blog that features propagation, plant care, tips and tricks and DIY’s for Plants, in pots.

So glad you’re here to join in the fun as my tiny apartment continues to turn into a sort of ‘indoor jungle’! – Kierslyn Kujawa

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