DIY Hoop Trellis for Hoya and Other Climbing Plants

Time: 1 Hour (ish)

Materials: All the links at the end of the tutorial!

  • Embroidery Hoop
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Hot Glue Sticks
  • Jute Rope or Twine
  • Wood dowel (about 1/4″ , around the size of where the embroidery hoop screw is)

Once you have gathered all of your materials, you will need to cut the wood post to be the entire height of your pot, plus the amount that you want it to come out of the pot. Measure it by sticking it all the way to the bottom of your pot, or, if your pot already has dirt and a plant in it, you can measure it to the outside of the pot. Like this:



Then you should remove the embroidery hoop screw (the metal connector piece on the outer ring). This is where we are going to connect the wood post, with hot glue. It should be flush against the inner ring of your hoop, and both sides of the outer ring should be connected to the sides of the post.


After the hot glue has dried, the next step will reinforce this connection point. Cut your first piece of Jute Rope or Twine (The exact length isn’t crucial, I would do somewhere around 12 inches, as you don’t want it to be too long to get tangled as you are going around the hoop – which I did the first couple of times), and place a small dot of hot glue near the connection point, to connect your rope to it. Then begin criss crossing around the connection point –  making an X or 8 shape. (Around the hoop, then to the left and around the post, around the hoop again and then to the right and around the post)

Once you have secured the connection point by repeating the X or 8 shape a few times, you will start wrapping the post with the rope as well. You will need to add more hot glue throughout the entire project, as you are wrapping the post and then the hoop, to secure it in place. The height of your pot, and how high you cut your post above the height of your pot, will determine how much of the post you wrap. You want the rope to start just above where the soil mixture will be in your pot.

After you have tightly wrapped the post, and you are up to the connection point, do one more x around the connection point, so you have a good starting point at the base of the hoops. While adding small amounts of glue along the way, begin wrapping the rope tightly around the hoop. Make sure it is tight, and you do not have any of the wood showing from the embroidery hoop. When you run out of the first piece of rope, just cut a new piece and glue it to the hoop. Continue wrapping, around the hoop, until the entire hoop is covered. When you get back to the connection point, you are going to want to repeat the X or 8 shape, going more in towards the middle, making the x shape smaller as you go, until all of the wood is covered (make sure and add more glue throughout this.)

Make sure that the end of the rope is especially secure with the hot glue, and the rope is tightly connected. Once it is complete, if you are using a pot that doesn’t have soil and a plant in it yet, you may choose to hot glue the trellis to the bottom of your pot for extra support, once you have your plant in. This is not necessary, but I have found that it stays straight a lot easier when you are putting the soil in and your plant begins growing around it. You may also consider the use of garden twine or lose floral wire, to help train your Hoya or other climbing plant to the hoop.


Once you have finished, all that is left to do, is make your plant PlantedinPots, with it’s brand new Hoop Trellis, so it can begin its new climbing adventure!

We hope you enjoyed this tutorial, and can’t wait to hear about your own experiences with this project in the comments below!


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